days until surfebruary 2023

Our Story

What is surfebruary?

SurFebruary is a fun annual event in February, where participants raise money for cancer research by catching a wave or getting in the water every day – rain, hail or shine.


This philanthropic, grassroots event is now in its fifth year and is building serious momentum, more than doubling in size and donations year-on-year.

Our Journey
Over the past 4 years we have grown at a rapid pace. A total of 1,117 participants have raised over $616,000 for innovative cancer research and treatment.
How did it start?

After co-founder Jenna-Lea Clark survived a life-changing cancer diagnosis at the age of  28, she and husband Arron teamed up with their mates Mike Durante and Krista Huebner.  


The four share a passion for giving back and a deep love for the transformative benefits of the ocean. In 2018, they decided to combine the two and SurFebruary was born!


Our Founders

On January 1st 2018, the idea that sparked SurFebruary was born, co-founded by Jenna and Ronny Clark, together with Krista and Mike Durante, on a mission to do good and feel good.

These beachside locals share a passion for the ocean and know firsthand the transformative and restorative benefits of getting in the water every day. From funding ground-breaking research, to sparking personal change for individuals in our community, change is at the heart of what drives them.


surfing australia’s greater good award

Our Values

First and foremost, we’re for everyone. We believe to our core that anybody can benefit from being connected to nature and purpose, and we know that SurFebruary can be that means of connection. 


for everyone

We act with a spirit of generosity and good vibes, drawing that stoked feeling out of the water and letting it have an impact in everyday life. Kick starting the ripple effect of change in the community and for our cause. 

stoked for a cause

Yes, we’re in the serious line of work of creating real impact in the cancer space, a heavy topic for sure, but we’re 100% about having a good time while we do it! We holistically enrich the lives of our community through surfing, positivity and fun.


We foster unity and togetherness by caring for, supporting and celebrating each other like a family; welcoming everyone with open arms, huge grins and shakas.