FEB 1 – 28


Surf or swim every day in February and raise money for cancer research.


One in Two…

1 in 2 Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime

We are on a mission to improve the lives of those diagnosed with cancer by funding inspiring and innovative research that benefits all Australians.

Raise money and get rewarded

Here’s a little incentive to help raise funds for cancer research AND get rewarded for it! Thanks to our awesome partners, you could score yourself some of these epic prizes below.

  1. SurFebruary Hat


    SurFebruary Hat

    Score yourself a SurFebruary hat (colour picked at random).

  2. SurFebruary T SHIRT
    raise EXHAUSTED


    SurFebruary T SHIRT

    Be one of the first 200 to reach $350 and you’ll receive a SurFebruary t-shirt (colour picked at random).

  3. Prize Pack
    raise EXHAUSTED


    Prize Pack

    Receive a SurFebruary Prize Pack that includes a FCS leash, FCS wax comb, 100g SunButter Tinted Sunscreen and a SurFebruary stubby cooler.

  4. McTavish Noserider board


    McTavish Noserider board

    Go in the draw to win a McTavish 9’4″ Noserider board

How To Get On Board Next Feb



Register solo or rally up a team. It’s quick, easy and free. Plus you’ll get plenty of support along the way. So get onboard! Make an impact whilst having some serious fun.



Get wet your way every day in February. Swim, surf, SUP or something else – it’s your call. Set the challenge to get amongst it every day, or tag team with friends.



Tell the world what you’re doing. Personalise your Fundraising Page to add in your ‘why’, then share the link with your family, friends and workmates so they can support you. Every dollar adds to the ripple effect.



Enjoy a month of connecting with friends and community, while challenging yourself. Have meaningful conversations with the people in your life about why you’ve jumped onboard to help us drop in on cancer, one wave at a time.


The simple act of committing to surfing every day for a month has had a profound impact on my enjoyment, fitness and overall sense of well-being. Knowing that I was raising money for a worthy cause that makes a real difference in people’s lives has made every surf an act of virtue.
SurFebruary puts us all in the same place, at the same time and allows us to settle in, reconnect and absorb the moments together in the ocean. It brings us closer. That said, family drop-ins are still not tolerated.
I signed up to SurFebruary and started swimming in my local ocean pool. Very quickly I realised I wanted to keep swimming every single day because it feels so good. It’s something small that gives me immense joy, clarity and connectedness to the community and the ocean, not to mention the happiness of seeing how much SurFebruary funds and supports cancer research at Chris O’Brien Lifehouse. Come swim with me?
SurFebruary makes me feel inspired, alive & wishing Februaryrnwent forever. It’s a month of pure fun! And what better excuse to get in the water, then to raise awareness and funds for cancer research
I’m so grateful for the SurFeb fam for not only motivating me to join and help raise money for a cause very close to my heart but for reminding me that life’s too short to not be living life the way I really want to and way too short to be making excuses to not be able to jump in the ocean everyday.


SurFebruary have got their eyes open to possibilities! They are trying various things, and are looking for ones that fly under the radar that have got great potential to help people. But then again you do it because you’re going to surf every day in February…and what’s not to love about that!

Surfebruary Ambassador

One of the things I really love about SurFebruary is it’s bringing everyone together. It’s bringing communities together, it’s bringing families together. It’s not a burden to down to the beach every day, or to go for a swim or a surf… or whatever your thing is. This whole initiative is doing good, it’s supporting people, it’s raising funds – but it’s bringing people together. And that’s absolutely priceless.

Surfebruary Ambassador

Community is such a massive part of this event, and it’s a pretty special thing; paddling out into the lineup and seeing someone else repping a SurFebruary rashie. It’s a great excuse to say g’day and talk about your experience with someone else. Not to mention, if you love surfing as much as I do, it’s the perfect excuse to get in the water everyday! You always leave with a smile on your face no matter the condition.

SurFebruary Ambassador

I love being a part of the SurFeb movement. Such a fun vibe and love seeing everyone here in Newy out in water frothing on what we are all doing together.

SurFebruary Ambassador

Sign Up

It’s easy to get on board. Simply register solo, or as a team. You can even join an existing one in your local community! Decide how you’ll be getting wet each day; be it a swim, surf or something else. Then, get fundraising. Together, we can make a difference for those diagnosed with cancer.

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Can’t get on board this year? Donate instead! Your funds are vital in helping us on our mission to drop in on cancer, one wave at a time.



Update your kit with the latest SurFebruary merch, with all proceeds donated to The SurFebruary Foundation so we can keep funding innovative cancer research.

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We work with companies – big and small – who share our passion for community, doing good for others and the transformative power of the ocean. We are incredibly grateful to our sponsors for their ongoing support.