It’s our mission to support groundbreaking projects taking leaps to make real change in the cancer space, and our strategy to achieve this is simple, we fund:

Independent, cutting-edge research

Creative, innovative ideas through seed funding

Research to benefit all cancer patients, regardless of where they live

SurFebruary is proud to partner with world-renowned cancer institution, the Chris O’Brien Lifehouse in order to fund independent and cutting edge research that will change how we treat cancer.

The cancer research space is not short on ideas. What it IS short on, is seed funding to take these ideas from a ‘post it note stuck on the wall’ to a real, living breathing project. And that’s where SurFebruary steps in.

In 2021 the seed-funding focused, SurFebruary Cancer Research Fund was established to provide seed funding for new projects looking at alternative methods, innovations and approaches that help manage treatment and side effects to help improve the quality of life for cancer patients across the spectrum of their journey, from diagnosis through to survivorship.


Take a closer look at the SurFebruary Cancer Research Fund and the project we are funding.